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Gediz LLC

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Gediz LLC

Gediz provides private investment of all kinds in the field of construction contracting, development of real estate investments, major energy production and general trade, including providing all services in the field of building construction, cement power plant management, bridges, roads, residential complexes, Governmental and private buildings, as well as services for the development of real estate investments, including owning, renting and leasing real estate, construction of residential complexes, floors, apartments and villas in all Its sizes and types are developed and modern for all private and public sectors.

Investing in the cement manufacturing, electric energy production, including building, operating and renting any power plant that generates electric energy and selling electrical energy and/or the generated capacity to its customers.

And from all kinds of renewable energy sources from solar, wind and other hydroelectric energy, transmission and conversion of electric current, installation, maintenance, establishment, conversion, distribution and transportation of stations, networks, towers and high-pressure lines, and the provision of specialized cadres, as well as the import and export of all types of machines, equipment, materials, and devices used for that purpose and for all private and public sectors, as well as carrying out import, export, and trade of all kinds of commodities and commercial goods, according to international standards and approved international standards, and developing this aspect in a modern and effective way, and contributing to the revitalization of all services construction.