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First Quantum Capital

First Quantum Capital, an investment company leading international corporation that works in multiple industries.

First Quantum Capital is one of the international providers of a broad range of business services and products. Specialised in areas such as energy, land development, Insurance, healthcare, and heavy industry.

We work with integrity to provide our companies & subsidiaries with efficient access to investment opportunities and insights to help achieve our aspirations. First Quantum Capital contributes to supporting the national economy in the region, in accordance with the rules, laws, regulations, and instructions of the central observance of the government. we are committed to fueling the growth and resilience of the country's economy through strategic business investments. With our unwavering dedication and expertise in financial markets.

We unlock the full potential of the business with our comprehensive range of administrative consultation services tailored to diverse commercial activities. With a keen eye on monitoring and measuring service performance, we ensure remarkable achievements across all operational services.



We thrive to be an organization that is admired by our customers, employees, partners, and the community for its quality, integrity, and commitment to making a positive difference in the world.



To foster originality by making a setting conducive to a slightly elevated way of living.

Our Values


Quality, you can trust

We believe that companies should be built to last, not just for now. That's why we're committed to investing in our people and communities, as well as in products and services that meet the highest standards of quality.


Exceptional service, always

At our core, we're a customer service company. So it's natural that we strive to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction


People first

We believe that happy and engaged employees who feel valued by their employer will create happy and engaged customers who will remain loyal to us over time. That's why we work hard to maintain our competitive benefits package and have an open-door policy to hear your ideas on how we can improve.

First Quantum Capital is a company that is dedicated to providing high-quality services to its customers.

We have excellent partners

First Quantum Capital works with some of the world's top companies, in order to provide the best possible service for its customers.

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The best & most premium products

First Quantum Capital only uses the finest and most high-end products for all of its projects. This ensures that the company is functioning at its best, while giving great value for money.

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Providing job opportunities

First Quantum Capital has an excellent track record when it comes to providing job opportunities for job seekers. It is always looking for talented individuals who are willing to work hard and improve their skills.